Tip Off Club By Laws

West End Tip-Off Club


Article I: Name


The name of the organization shall be West End Tip-Off Club (WETOC).




WETOC shall be run by the Board of Directors (Board), in cooperation with


the parents and supporters of WETOC, along with local administrative

officials as deemed by law, policy, or contractual agreement.


Article II: Purposes


The primary function of WETOC will be to assist in operations that will help promote


basketball programs at the schools of West End High and Elementary (WE).



WETOC will develop fundraising events to assist, in a nonbinding


manner, with the financial obligations incurred by basketball

operations at WE not covered fully or partially by other financial




WETOC will be the chief entity charged with operating a concession


stand at home games.



WETOC will follow all contractual obligations in fundraising


activities as outlined by the Etowah County Board of Education, the

Alabama High School Athletic Association, Blount/Etowah County

Youth Basketball Association, and/or other entities commissioned

to oversee basketball operations at WE.



WETOC will actively promote the advancement of youth basketball at WE by


supporting WE youth basketball, which will be a subcomponent of WETOC.



WETOC will establish various guidelines for youth basketball


depending on the event or situational circumstance within the

development of the ongoing operations of youth basketball.


Article III: Basic Policies


The WETOC, along with the Board, will make a good faith effort in the


running of the organization in its goal of assisting the various basketball

teams supported by WETOC.


WETOC BY-LAWS 2009-2010


WETOC meetings will follow Robert’s Rule of Order; however, exceptions


that would negate the WETOC By-Laws as written will take precedence over

Robert’s Rule of Order.



WETOC meeting minutes will be recorded during each meeting by a Board


member or designee.

a. Previous WETOC minutes will be approved or amended at the

following Board meeting.



The fiscal year for WETOC shall be July 1st through June 30th. (Revised 09.13.09)




The first fall Board meeting will occur during September. Thereafter, there will be at least


five additional meetings, as set by the Board, before April 1




a. As applicable by administration, Board meetings will be posted on the websites

affiliated with WE.

F. WETOC will recognize two types of members.



Active Members are members who have paid their annual dues (i.e., $15.00 per


member or $25.00 per recognized couple [parents, grandparents, etc.]. Active

Members are voting members.

b. Non-Active Members are members who have not paid their dues in full. Non-

Active Members are not voting members.



Any member caught committing illegal acts that would jeopardize the value,


outcome, or reputation of WETOC or administration of WE, will be subject to

any and all legal actions as allowed by law, policy, or contractual agreement.


Article IV: Officers


The Board of WETOC shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary,


and Treasurer who will serve an annual term.

B. Board members, as required, will be bonded at a rate acceptable to the

Principal of West End High School.



Board members will be elected during a March board meeting after notice has been at least


verbally given during February meetings.

a. Anyone wishing to serve on the Board can be nominated during the March


b. Each position will be elected in the same manner.

aa. The person who received the most votes will be elected. There is no

minimum vote total required.


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WETOC BY-LAWS 2009-2010

c. Board members may serve as long as annually re-elected.


The removal of a Board member for acts detrimental to WETOC can be achieved by a 2/3


vote of members and/or by the rules that govern administrative duties assigned by or to the

Principal of West End High School.



A Board member removed can not be re-elected to the Board for one


full basketball year. A return to the Board requires all of the following:

1) a 2/3 vote to re-elect and 2) administrative approval from the

Principal of West End High School.



If a Board member witnesses any objectionable, demeaning, negative action


against a ball player from a coach, or anyone acting in a coaching role, he or

she must notify the West End High School Principal as warranted.


Article V: Amendments


The WETOC By-Laws may be amended at any WETOC meeting by a 2/3 vote of active



Previous By-Laws Developed October 14, 2008

Current By-Laws Revised September 13, 2009

Rhonda Steele, Secretary Vickie Cleveland, Treasurer

Tim Mayo, Vice President David Nichols, President

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