Bringing home the baby

The Baby Think It Over Experience™

Baby Think It Over™ is an infant simulator used to provide young adults with the experience of parenting an infant. It is a serious tool that was created to help each participant make responsible, informed choices about becoming a parent.

The lifelike Baby Think It Over™ doll is twenty inches in length and weighs seven to eight pounds. The authentic look and feel is complemented by its sound. An internal computer simulates an infant crying at realistic, random intervals of fifteen minutes to six hours, 24 hours a day.

Baby Think It Over™ will cry if it needs to be fed or comforted or if it is placed in an improper position. The teen "parent" wears a nontransferable key necessary for "feeding" the infant. When the doll cries, the key is inserted as the baby is held to stop it from crying.

"Feedings" can take up to thirty-five minutes. The doll's internal computer also registers incidences of neglect and abuse. The PPWP instructor will be able to determine the number of times the baby was handled roughly as well as the number of minutes that its crying was ignored.

Teens that participate in the Baby Think It Over™ simulation are responsible not only for the "baby," but also for the items that go along with child care. Participants are required to transport the infants in carriers.