Class and Lab Rules

*Be on time to class. This means in your seat, not just in the building.

*No food or drinks in the building.  Cans, wrappers, etc. are to be left in the  break area.  (They will be taken up and not returned)

*Each student will have their own notebook and pencil each day.

*Everyone will participate in classroom and/or lab clean-up.

*Do not leave the class or lab area without permission.

*Disrupting class will not be tolerated.

*Failure to show up for an assigned break detention will result in two additional days of break given, plus write-up.



All tests for other classes will be made up before or after school. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Each student must pass the general safety test in order to work in the lab. (100% proficiency)  100 points possible .  Horseplay will not be tolerated. (corporal punishment is the preferred method of deterrent.  Repeated or blatant disregard for safety will result in the loss of lab privileges. 

*Obey safety rules at all times*



  1. Always wear safety glasses.
  2. No horseplay
  3. Always give your undivided attention
  4. 4.Mr. Baty must be in the lab to operate power tools or machinery.
  5. Obtain Mr. Baty’s permission to operate power tools or machinery.
  6. Always maintain a four inch margin of safety from bits, blades, etc.
  7. Use a push stick when necessary.
  8. Wear proper clothing.
  9. Keep work area clean.
  10. Check guards and safety devices/in place and secure.
  11. Check stock for knots, nails, etc.
  12. Check blades and bits to ensure they are tight and sharp.
  13. Make sure machinery is stopped before leaving the machine.
  14. Make all adjustments with the machine stopped.
  15. Hold power tool firmly till stopped.
  16. Follow all additional safety rules specific to tool or situation.