Introduction to Agriscience



Course Title: Introduction to Agriscience


Credit: One

Course Description: A course that provides the student an overview  of the agriculture industry. 


Prerequisites: None


Program: Agriscience


Course Goals: Establish a basis or foundation for the learner in safety, leadership Supervised Agricultural Experience, woodworking, and several fields of science such as animal and plant science..


Course Fee: $30 Used to purchase materials and supplies for the Student’s use.




Class participation---25%



FFA: Is an integral part of the Agriscience instructional program. It is a means to enhance the classroom instruction and help students gain leadership experience.


Course outline:


  • Orientation and safety                           Week 1
  • Impact of agriculture                             Week  2
  • Supervised Agricultural Experence        Week 3
  • Leadership development
  • FFA Instruction           
  • Woodworking Part I                             Week 4-5
  • Environmental Science                          Week 6                       
  • Animal Science                                     Week 7
  • Plant Science                                        Week 8
  • Woodworking Part II                           Week 9-11
  • Technology and Biotechnology             Week 12-14
  • Agribusiness                                         Week 15-16
  • Woodworking Part III                          Week 17-18


Tutoring: I am available to help students during my planning period-10:00 – 11:00 AM

Our school will have subject specific tutoring, after hours, to be announced at a later time.  Check back for updates.