Spelling and Vocabulary Lists

Click on the "Quizlet Practice" link to the left to open our class's vocabulary practice page. All our vocabulary lists plus lists of literature terms will be added to the McAfee WEHS 7th class page as they year progresses. Students may use Quizlet to study and play learning games with our lists. If students sign up, I can view their progress. Extra points may be earned from time to time for those students who use Quizlet to study their vocabulary terms!


If you would like to print a copy of the word lists, use the links below.
List 1 Words.docx

List 2 Words.docx

List 3 Words.docx

List 4 Words.docx

List 5 Words.docx

List 6 Words.docx

List 7 Words.docx

List 8 Words.docx

List 9 Words.docx

List 10 Words.doc

Greek and Latin Roots 
The Root "ped"ped ped ped.pptx

The Root "man" man.ppt

The Root "spec" spec 2.pptx