Geometry Syllabus 2013-2014




                                                              K. Miller








  1. Enable students to comprehend and apply the objectives mandated by the state for this course which addresses both college and career readiness skills.


  2. Enable students to comprehend geometry objectives on required standardized tests including college entrance exams.


  3. Enable students to decrease their apprehension of learning mathematics and to make learning more relevant and enjoyable.





  • Textbook


  • One 3 ring binder(1 ½ to 2 inch)


  • Loose leaf  paper


  • Graph paper


  • 13 subject dividers(1 for each unit)


  • Pencils(#2)


  • Project materials may be assigned throughout the course as necessary


  • Scientific calculator is required. It will not be provided by the classroom teacher.








COURSE OUTLINE AND CONTENT: In order to cover all required objectives from the state for this course, most sections of the 13 chapters from the textbook must be discussed thoroughly and tested. The chapters will be discussed in the order they appear. Therefore, students will be required to learn material at a fast pace. It is imperative that students stay focused and on task and immediately seek help if they begin struggling. Asking questions is strongly encouraged. Students will have numerous opportunities to work in groups with a peer helper. Tutoring may be available during activity block or after school. 



The new textbooks are also on-line. There are numerous resources to help students comprehend the objectives including vocabulary illustrations and personal tutors giving detailed explanations of examples in the textbook and follow-up practice. Additional resources will be used to teach all required concepts including handouts (outlines for every chapter and lesson, extra practice, and review for tests) and activities (games, labs, and hands-on mini-projects) from a variety of sources that provide opportunities to make learning more understandable, relevant, and enjoyable.  






GRADING PROCEDURES: The following types of assessments will be used to obtain the nine weeks average. The grades are weighted using three different categories.



· TEST- Comprehensive exams covering several sections of material or a unit.



· QUIZ- Short exams covering small sections of materials.



· CLASSWORK - Students will be checked every day to be sure adequate effort was given for learning activities assigned during class using various means including observation of behavior, use of oral questioning, and grading written work. Note checks will be given most every day at the end of the period to encourage students to take notes and reward those who do.   



· HOMEWORK- This will be checked the day after it is assigned. It must be turned in at the BEGINNING of class in the assigned place. Students will be required to make vocabulary flash cards and sheets recording important facts for homework when appropriate. Students will have to answer questions at the beginning of class the next day using these to prove they completed them.



· PROGRESS REPORT- This will be given every three weeks. It must be signed by parent or guardian within two days to receive 100 point grade.



· MIDTERM EXAM- This is a mandatory comprehensive 100 point test given the last week of the 1ST nine weeks.



· PROJECTS-When appropriate and opportunity arises projects may be assigned. A detailed handout will be given in class discussing how to complete the project and how it will be graded.



· END OF COURSE TEST-This is a mandatory comprehensive on-line standardized test required by the state of Alabama and created by ACT .It is given the last few weeks of the course. This exam counts 10% of the overall grade for the term. 






The three categories of grades are weighed as follows:


















                It is the students’ responsibility to check with the teacher to find out what they missed during their absence. Homework and class work do not need to be made up if missed. They will be dropped without penalty if absence is excused. An assignment bulletin board is displayed in the classroom so that students can easily find out what they missed during their absence. A schedule of lesson plans including assessment can be viewed via the internet as well. Please note, students do not have to take a quiz or test if they were absent for the review the day before the test. However, if the student chooses not to take the assessment and the absence is unexcused, the student will receive a zero for the quiz or test. Missed work must be made up during the activity period. Students will not be allowed to make up work during class to prevent them from missing important instruction time. This policy is in our school handbook.









              Students are at no time allowed to leave the room unless the situation is considered to be an emergency. If you have a medical need to leave the room on a frequent basis you must have this documented with the school nurse. Students are missing valuable learning time and can not be adequately supervised when they are not in the room. Students must complete the hall pass forms and obtain my signature before leaving the room. This policy is in our school handbook.






**A handout of class rules has also been given to students and discussed. Please return the bottom section signed.






Teacher information:



                              Please contact me if you have any concerns.



                                    Planning Period:  4th block.



                                    Please call for an appointment as needed at 589-6421.



I have read the syllabus for my students and agree to encourage them to abide by all class policies.


Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________