CLINE, LOREE-School Nurse
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Name: Loree Cline, RN                            
Position: School Nurse
Grade: 7-12
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1982 Graduate of West End High School
1984 Graduate of Gadsden State Community College, ADN
Twenty-six years continuous nursing experience including:
Maternity-Newborn, Medical/Surgical, Burns/Trauma,
Geriatric/Home Care, Rehab, Pediatric, Public Health and
School Nursing.
I became School Nurse for West End High and Elementary Schools in January 2003. I divided my day between both schools for 3 1/2 years. We were fortunate enough to add a nurse to the elementary school and I became the nurse for the high school exclusively for the past 6 years. I love school nursing it is often very exciting and challenging. (They never called me in the hospital for a ukalele accident!)
Schools are faced with new challenges such as communicable diseases, resistant infections and students attending with chronic illness and conditions that require frequent monitoring by a nurse (ie. diabetes, seizure disorders, asthma, heart conditions and severe allergies.) I am honored to be the medical contact and medical care provider helping students become more educated about their health, managment, and prevention. By working with teachers and implementing careplans, I help students perform at their highest level in their least restrictive environment. Please call me if your student has health concerns.
Red Cross Basic Life Support CPR Instructor (BLS)
Advance Cardiac Life Support Certified (ACLS)
Neonatal Resusitation Program (NRP)
Professional Organizations
NEA, AEA, Alabama Association of School Nurses (AASN)