Class Rules

1. Students must be prepared for class by having all materials required on their syllabus.






2. Students must be in their desks working on the bell ringer activity when the tardy bell rings. Three unexcused tardies result in one unexcused absence according to the school hand book. If students have a legitimate reason for being tardy, they must have a pass with them when they arrive at the classroom door. If students have any questions, they must wait until attendance has been taken. 






3.  Students are expected to remain quiet, attentive, and on-task during instructional time. Students at no time should ever be allowed to impede the learning of others with inappropriate behavior. 






4.  Students should display respect at all times for teachers and faculty (including substitutes),other students, and school property.






5. A maximum of 10 minutes will be given for questions on quiz/test days due to the fact that students were given a review the day before and they need the time to complete their assessment.






6. Only three late assignments will be accepted per nine weeks. The first late assignment will be accepted one day late with no penalty. The second will be penalized by 30 points for being one day late. The third will be penalized by 50 points for being one day late. After the third late assignment, all late work will receive a zero.






7. It is the students’ responsibility to check the assignment board displayed in the classroom to find out the work they missed when they are absent. Also, they must come to me to receive any work they missed such as textbook assignments, outlines, note sheets, practice sheets or other handouts. Quizzes and tests must be made up only during activity block with me within three days after one day's EXCUSED absence.   









8. Students are expected to keep an organized notebook for the various outlines, note sheets, study aides, other handouts, class work, and homework. Dividers should be made for each chapter.


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**By signing below, I understand and agree to the class rules listed above.

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